Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hair Weaving Vs Hair Transplant

Both hair Weaving and Hair transplant surgery are used to conceal hair thinning and hair loss problems in men and women.

Hair Fall is a prominent hair problem and can be a nightmare for some. The cause of thinning of hair can either be genetic or with age or on the onset of puberty. It can be partial baldness for men, residing hair line in women, patchy hair loss in youngsters or any other form of alopecia. Hair fall treatment, baldness treatment, hair transplant surgery or hair weaving and hair bonding are some of the non surgical and surgical solutions for such hair problems.

Hair Weaving is a non surgical hair replacement treatment using either your own hair or synthetic hair to provide hair coverage. In this procedure, one forms bridge with the help of existing hair on the bald area of the scalp. This hair replacement technique can be employed on both men and women and also gives 100% natural look. Hair Weaving also helps in adding volume and length to your hair in order to achieve your desired hairstyle.

On the other hand, Hair Transplant is a surgical method where hair is transplant form donor site to bald area of the scalp. The hair transplanted grows like natural hair, you can shampoo, have a haircut, oiled or brushed. This technique has some long term advantages as the results are more permanent as compared to Hair weaving technique.

Whereas hair weaving can be a little cot efficient and less painful depending upon the degree of baldness. Both Hair Weaving and Hair Transplant surgery require consultation and strict supervision for effective hair solutions.

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